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April 14, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

So the title of this post may be a little enthusiastic on my part but I had an awesome time :-D

Anyway, at Revolution Bike Park they have a fleet of hire bikes provided by Madison Saracen. In March the new fleet of Saracen Myst Pro's arrived and I jumped at the chance to photograph these for Rev's social media and website.

I set off up the hill to the Ffar Side track as this has some nice table top jumps in the top section and has a bit more light than some of the other areas on the tracks. I set up the bike by leaning it on a stick to keep it upright (which I later removed in photoshop) I used an off camera flash to light the front of the bike (this reduced the reflections that I had without it).

Saracen Myst Pro 2018Saracen Myst Pro 2018

I had an idea in my head for quite a while which lead me to purchase a load of smoke grenades in December. I got the Enola Gaye wire pull smoke grenades (usually used for paintball and airsoft so they are not dangerous to use). I knew what colour the bikes were going to be so got some yellow and orange smokes to compliment the colouring. You can purchase these smoke grenades online and they are quite cheap.

With the bike still set up I set the smokes off and started shooting. It was a tab more difficult than I thought, as I didn't have a smoke grenade assistant I was having to move the smokes and take photos at the same time, fortunately the smokes last for 120 seconds and I had a few!


Once I had finished up the top of the hill/ran out of smoke grenades, I moved to the tips at the bottom of the hill for some more standard photographs. Using the same method as before I lent the bike up with a stick and started shooting. I used an aperture of about f4 to really defocus the background and make the bike stand out.

Saracen Myst Pro 2018

I'm really pleased with the images I got from this shoot and hope this blog post will help you take some epic photos of your bike too :-D


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