Using flash when shooting sports

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Hello and welcome to the first blog written on this website! (I imported the other posts)

Just wanted to go into why I sometimes use a flash when I am photographing mountain bikers. 

So as some of you may know there are many many trees at Revolution Bike Park - it being a wood and all! This is great for beautiful back drops but it does somewhat reduce the amount of light that gets to the tracks. The photos can be left looking a bit flat with the camera settings required to capture the fast action so I sometimes us a flash gun off camera to fill in some of the shadows and create a more dynamic image. 

I place the flash gun so it is off to the side of the track and will not flash straight into the riders faces and then can change the settings in camera to add or lessen the light from the flash. I use a Sigma EF630 which is capable of High Speed Sync (HSS) so I am able to use the fast shutter speeds to keep the riders frozen as well as adding in some extra light. 


ComparasonsThese 2 images are of the same rider and were made using the same camera settings. The image on the right was made with an off camera flash gun used with HSS to fill in the shadows making the image a bit more dynamic and it makes the rider pop out from the background a bit more.


The 2 images above show the same rider on the same section of track (taken about 20-30 minuets apart). As you can see on the image on the right the rider stands out more than in the image on the left. 


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